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it's out and about: SAINTHOOD [27 Oct 2009|02:25am]
mood frustrated
tv show bored to death

"the wait is over" as the twilight treesome keep currently saying too. the long awaited new record is called "sainthood" and is finally available. and the best thing that comes with the purchase (if you're a truly fan) are the three parted book series of touring, recording and mostly really spending alot ot time with the twins. the result seems like a perfect christmas gift to everyone who appreciated the previous albums: the con, so jealous. tns listeners may find it hard to slide into the old habit of listening to thier songs, but the interesting highlight is the new feeling that rushes through one's ear. only with the first run hearing the new tunes, the love for it cannot be complete. those lyrics, beats, basslines and really fantastic melodies come to mind while hearing it all over again and again and again.
so this is my lame review about tegan and sara's latest record release. after checking it out for the first time (not including the first few live versions) on their myspace, I kept "hell" really close... cos it's the first single and it was catchy. the second listen wasn't what I expected too, so I started hearing it from the back... then I started to love the albumcloser "someday" and from that song on, I went on loving the rest of the record. favorites including "night watch", "the cure", "on directing", "alligator" and the only song written by both of them "paperback head". give it more than one try and love it even more!
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[30 Jul 2009|04:05pm]
mood depressed
music your protector - fleet foxes

quick update a few month after the last one, here's what I've done / became and what happened elsewhere, I...

- finished school, plus a professional training to be now a design assistant. to be honest, there is no career in that.

- applied for some universities, went to aptitude tests and got into 2 of 3. two others are still under way, and I plan to apply to one more here in my city. I didn't felt the "yay I got in" when I recieved the letters and I'm not ready to move to another city yet. first I wanna move out and still be here. yesterday a friend of mine told me her theory of why I decided like this. and I must say it's not that wrong. over the last couple of years I gained more friends and support than I ever imagined, she said. so I'm not willing to let go of what I've come to right now. well yup, that and the fact that I really wanted to go to the university in weimar, but I missed the time to apply. so I'm staying another year here, going to the university here, maybe work, maybe do internship at the local paper. it's open.

- did some short movies with a friend, such holy fun! I mean I hated the time when I was an extra on movie sets and worked until 5am, and got shooed around, but working from the script through casting the characters, finding camera views, supervising the music to cutting the scenes with someone who workes as passioned on something as you do, that's what I'd love to do in the future. start a company or something. but looking ahead there's no money, haha.

- got the best birthday party ever. my friends prepared a mexican stylish party in my yard. they tied my eyes and got me really drunk, I hit the candy pig, ate chili, danced to the jackson five, raced someone to the gas station with a swivel chair... and fell in bed with a bucket next to me. that's how it should be!

- watched a hell of alot of movies. here's just what I watched this month. the good and well-known eye may recognize that I've almost watched all kristen stewart movies. to be fair "the yellow handkerchief" is not yet released, I've even seen the sarah silverman episode with her. my first KS movie was "zathura" and the second "in the land of woman". and I'm not a "twilight" fan, hell no. I just became as of recently to notice her again because of "adventureland", and because I'm a SNL fan and love Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader. that's why.

- am still waiting to see "500 days of summer" in germany (november), awaiting for the release of the new tegan and sara record "sainthood" (october), awaiting for the new zooey movie called "your highness", god, it says 2011 and the joan jett movie with kristen, wo-hoo!
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yawn... [31 Jan 2009|03:21pm]
mood melancholy
music west coast friendship -  owl city

well, I dunno. I'd still like to see those movies:


like lately I'm really obsessed with 500 days of summer, especialy one Zooey Deschanel. really, badly wanna see it. already read the script, heard the music, saw the trailer and teaser, read reviews, previews and interviews.... but yet, july is still so far away. even further from germany. btw. she & him are making 'volume two' and zooey is engaged with the only one I'd choose for her, ben gibbard. yay...

I mean, look at the past...Collapse )


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09:46am [09 Jan 2009|09:44am]

mood bored
music division - stars

since about 3 hours I'm sitting in this class, doing nothing... cause the teacher gave us a task for about 30 minutes. so now what? in math we calculate wallpapers. in drawing we draw squares. in roomdesign we prepare logs. well, around the holidays I came to think that this education sucks and it won't help me to my prefered job. but it will only last another half year... and then I have something like a title ;/ but I'm seriously thinking about moving on... like I have my abitur, I got my drivers licence and I saved some money. but the other part is, am I ready? and what will I do then? all I know right now is, that I don't wanna do what I'm doing right now...
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my attemp for christmas cheer [13 Dec 2008|03:06pm]
mood artistic
music get up and go - broadcast 2000

I know many ppl dislike christmas and everything with it, well to be honest shopping sucks, but that's not what we should remember christmas to be. what to remember: of course the remaining family gathering up, eating dinner and having a good time... not to forget the snowy view out of the window including the music.
but here it is, those traditional tones won't threaten the current generation to feel the christmas cheer. but they need to be distracted from the sucky part of christmas time mentioned earlier. so here comes my attemp listing a couple of songs which reminds me of winter time, but don't necessarily has anything concerning the contents to do with it. so I don't know why those songs takes me to a white landscape but I probably listened to them first back then.

01 of montreal - we were born the mutants again with leafling
02 final fantasy - the cn tower belongs to the dead [listen to it]
03 nick drake - northern sky [listen to it]
04 broken social scene - anthems for a seventeen year-old girl [listen to it]
05 tegan and sara - one second
06 yo la tengo - black flowers
07 dawn landes - the kissing song
08 m. ward - poison cup
09 sam phillips - taking pictures
10 the new pornographers - unguided
11 sufjan stevens - once in david's royal city
12 sigur ros - hoppipolla [listen to it]
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baby you can drive my ___ ! [14 Nov 2008|08:06am]
mood grateful
music echo - cyndi lauper

driver's licence, I've got it!!!
and there's nothing more to say!

besides awaiting the following movies to see in germany...


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shocking season [28 Oct 2008|11:29am]
mood pessimistic
music the park - feist

well well it's that horrible time of the year where all the test and stuff come to haunt you! and well, of course halloween. so for me the horrible news for the next few weeks is my driving test date... I finally know the effing date and now it will darken my dreams. okay it did not enlighten anything before but I wasn't aware of the closeness. november won't dream with me.
then my internship at the art school begins until christmas... woo-hoo for christmas. damn presents! remind me.
next year will bring exam joy and the end of my 14th year school. college to come. something sound engineering. don't know exactly what and where.
but before that all starts, our beloved halloween party is this thursday to friday, yay!! keep it posted here, well for whomever.
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let's talk about jenny [07 Oct 2008|11:17pm]
mood weird
music godspeed - jenny lewis

naaah, my theory driving test is now on october 18th... I changed my mind. I need to study more. well, the new jenny lewis record is really blowing me recently. I read that zooey (and matt too, so that they make she & him again ^^) is on it too, but you really can't hear her in all the choir parts except in "the next messiah"... I love the three station it makes! but I recommend to hear the title track! there's nothing better to listen to "godspeed" while learning some traffic regulations. I dreamed last night my perfect wedding and "trying my best to love you" was playing at the dance, I hope I'll remember this song until my day comes. also really sweet is "sing a song for them", some songs reminds me of rilo kiley, some of them reminds me of jenny's last record but in the end those are all masterpieces I'll soon learn to appreciate more, I know it... it's my new record I listen to while I'm studying for the driving test. btw. ben gibbard visited jenny and jonathan with heartshaped ballons, he was so adorable (I want to make a shirt of him with those ballons! see youtube)...
reconnecting to zooey: they both, ben and zooey, performed at a show where also jenny and jonathan performed, while promoting to vote for obama.

I just love how my favorite musicians come together and make me happy and distract me from my world.

p.s. another thingy tv related: 30 rock, the second season, is out on dvd!
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oh my... shiiiit [29 Sep 2008|09:08pm]
mood uncomfortable
music barn owl, night killer - sufjan stevens

october 11th... my theory driving test and soon after I have the real driving test. god, I'm so nervous. I'm at the point where
I can drive freeways and country roads. this thursday I try to drive in the dark... at 4:30am! I am totally not looking forward to it. at least pushing daisies is airing again til then!
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CAN NOT WAIT!!! [01 Aug 2008|10:24pm]
mood full
music all delighted people - sufjan stevens

I just watched this teaser from the comic con pushing daisies panel...

and the second season should really come faster!!! october 1st, oh man, that's a long time! I'm so effing excited for it!!! I easily forget the rest of world when I drown in that colorful dreamland!!!
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I just love Olive Snook! [26 Jul 2008|12:11pm]
mood hungry
music sad business - ben cooper

"Wouldn’t it just rock ‘n roll with liking someone that they had to like you back? Course that’d be a different universe and something else would probably suck …"

however, I can't wait for october 1st, when pushing daisies will return!! so I pass my time building up a german site for it and some icons^^

+ pushing daisies (20)
+ death cab for cutie (14)



and other news thingys... I went to see death cab two weeks ago and it was awesome! but nothing yet can top my tegan and sara experiences :) also I started driving school... the learning part is one easy thing but I was already on the streets and I fucking can't handle the clutch and changing the gear and keep looking on the street and everything at the same time :( hm, I had some fine parties at my place the last week... one ended in bringing the drunk one home and another in sleeping in a tent... yup! what else? yeah! I started rehearsing some songs with two friends, for now it doesn't sound like anything but we'll try and never give up trying.

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proooooooom... [21 Jun 2008|01:20am]
mood high
music we are what you say - sufjan stevens

me wearing a dress is really rare, so tonight is a unique night. but the highlight will be to present the movie we made in front of everyone we know of school, it will be interesting and I'm using the word aimed.
goddammit, I really watch alot of movies/tv show the last waiting days, but I never turned on my television *wink*... I watched alot of zooey deschanel and anna friel movies (haha why not), which got me into buying alot of zooey dvds and anna dvds... I also watched alot of tv shows like dead like me, pushing daisies, wonderfalls (all great) and dexter (I'm getting used to it) plus I'm glad weeds is back, god I missed this show! wait... where were we? prom, right... so it will be the last time seeing a bunch of people I'm going to recall as "used to know", that's sad.
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this song explains why I’m leaving home to become a stewardess [11 Jun 2008|12:51pm]
mood silly
music I was made for you - she & him

2004, 5 songs from the phoenix dvd (vapor/sanctuary)

I'm getting excited, cos I'm going to see "the happening" tonight...yay! and it's with my favorite actress, zooey deschanel!!

In other news, I'm a bit bored these days, though I go out and have fun every second day or so, but what's keeping me watching both "dead like me" season twice in a row? well, that's what I did and I'm obsessed... I can tell when everybody dies! here's my result:

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no peace to me [02 Jun 2008|04:18pm]
mood accomplished
music presidents & magistrates - sufjan stevens

2000, this business of art vinyl (vapor)
2002, I hear noises single (vapor/sanctuary/shock)

why is it so hot... and why are the clouds coming down? fucking thunder... I went to the sea with some friends last saturday, and it was just like today, hot and cloudy, and then it began to rumble and it's got darker and we were in a town called nowhere, we stucked in a grocery store for hours... it rained waterfalls and it hailed ice cubes, it was so depressing, I hope next weekend it's getting better... we have some things to celebrate!
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me and my friend: boredom! [22 May 2008|02:48pm]
mood bored
music kill - sufjan stevens

2004, 3 song sampler (vapor/sanctuary)

so there's nothing to fill the time when my friends haven't their exams yet, so waiting...
man, I had a list with alot of things to do, things I wanted to do when I'm done like reading, working on a new website, getting gifts for birthdays, finishing the dvd/movie for my promnight... but now I'm just watching old friends episodes, cos the weather sucks... and the new death cab record is a bit disappointing to me (but the artwork is great), maybe I get used to the weather though.
also I was trying to be creative in writing poems again, I failed. It sounds nothing like me, not like anything. If there wasn't this one issue in my mind, I'm sure I could write about something else. well, now... these are my days! oh yeah, tuesday I barfed in the tram ;D
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here we go... [21 May 2008|09:19pm]
mood mellow
movie spiral

done done done!
score! I passed and now there's nothing to worry! well, I just need to stop partying to hard ^^
wtf... watching this movie... what is going on with this crazy guy...
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countdown: tomorrow!!! [19 May 2008|11:41am]
mood panic
music divided (live) - tegan and sara

wtf was talked about at the congress of vienna? + alot of other questions in my head.

yup. that's me tomorrow at 9am.
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countdown: 3 days! [17 May 2008|02:20pm]
mood nervous
music I feel like going home - yo la tengo

2005, speak slow - 2 track (vapor/sanctuary)
2008, a wolf at the table [augusten burroughs] (macmillian audio)
2008, the con - 1 track (vapor/sire/superclose)

and now I'm gonna die.
tuesday is the big day (orals in history) to prove all my knowledge, which I feel that I've forgotten already. I can't see the connection between happenings and I can't train to speak answers to a potential question, how? it's said that I need to involve a given material/device then, how to train that? I'm gonna ruin it within 20 minutes... :(
keeping hopes up. gonna buy narrow stairs later and try to figure out my nations past....
sugar spell it out!

SUN [11 May 2008|03:28pm]
mood hot
music kids - mgmt

2004, walking with a ghost - 1 track (vapor/sanctuary)
2008, the con demos [553/1500]

and now... sun tanning and studying history!
sugar spell it out!

almost... most of it all [07 May 2008|05:05pm]
mood lazy
music living room - tegan and sara

yup. I can say three exams are done! yay!! english, done. business economics, tick. webdesign/typografie, tick. so now it's just history and me :( only from the french revolution to ww two... holy, and two weeks left. bahhh! don't wanna think about it on such a great day, sun and everything are shining...
whatever hehe, I thought I'm putting up my collection list of tns stuff, so that I can see what I have in general ... well, and what I need.

1999, under feet like ours (plunk records)
2000, this business of art (vapor)
2002, if it was you promo (vapor/sanctuary)
2002, if it was you (vapor/sanctuary)
2002, monday monday monday promo (vapor/sanctuary)
2002, time running single (vapor/sanctuary)
2003, if it was you - enhanced (vapor/sanctuary)
2004, so jealous promo (vapor/sanctuary)
2004, so jealous (vapor/sanctuary)
2004, so jealous - enhanced (vapor/sanctuary)
2004, speak slow single (vapor/sanctuary)
2004, walking with a ghost single (vapor/sanctuary)
2004, 5 songs from the phoenix (vapor/sanctuary)
2006, it's not fun. don't do it! dvd (superclose/maplemusic recordings)
2007, if it was you - enhanced (vapor/sire/superclose)
2007, so jealous - enhanced (vapor/sire/superclose)
2007, walking with a ghost vinyl (vapor/superclose)
2007, a brief history - 8 songs (sire)
2007, a brief history - 9 songs (sire)
2007, the con - deluxe edition (vapor/sire/superclose)
2007, the con vinyl (sire)
2007, the con single (vapor/sire/superclose)

not much for a fan but I'm still working on it. I'll keep it updated.
sugar spell it out!

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